I often get asked if I mentor or coach. I do! By browsing this blog you can figure out the few things that I can help you with. Namely:

  • software design and architecture,
  • team organization, practices and process,
  • train for both giving and receiving interviews,
  • more generally helping software engineers and managers in their early stage with figuring out what they want

I am doing this strictly as a side activity, and only if it does not conflict with my day to day job. This means that it takes time off my family life, and is why I charge for this. We can do just a few sessions or maintain a long term relation. I offer a flexible refund policy: if things don’t work out, and you don’t find the value you were looking for, or I feel like I can’t help you, we leave good friends and you keep your money.

If you would like to know more, contact me at mentoring#fev.al.